How to Change Swatch Battery in 2 Minutes

by Jon Hershman
How to Change Swatch Battery in 2 Minutes


  • Large screwdriver
  • Tweezers (optional)


Difficulty rating:

  • Simple (2-5 mins)

So let’s get right into it. Save yourself a little money and replace your Swatch watch battery at home for about $3. In my experience, Swatch battery replacements are the easiest of all to replace. Just have fun with it.

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All you need is a standard screwdriver large enough to place adequate pressure on the battery retention cap.

First, place the watch face down on a surface that will not scratch its plastic crystal. Next, push your screwdriver into the battery retention cap with a good amount of pressure, straight down on the watch and turn screwdriver counter-clockwise about ⅛ of a turn; it only takes a little. You may slip off the cap one or two times if pressure is not distributed evenly, but you’ll get it!

Now that you have turned the cap, it should naturally pop out of the case revealing the battery. Inspect the cap to make sure there is no debris or dirt on it and place it to the side. Next, remove the battery from the movement. If your battery does not come out easily, lightly press on one side of the battery with your screwdriver. It should lift out slightly, making it easier to grab and lift.

Your battery is now out! Congratulations. To install a new battery, follow the steps in reverse. Place the battery back in the watch. Try your best not to put lots of oil from your fingers on the battery. When you install the battery, make sure the words on the battery are facing you. If the battery is installed upside down, it will not work.

Finally, place your clean battery retention cap in the 3 grooves marked on the case. Place your screwdriver into the cap, and with strong downward pressure, turn the cap clockwise about ⅛ turn. You will feel it lock.

You’re finished! That was pretty simple. You’ve just replace your Swatch battery. Your watch should now provide you with another 3-5 years of daily service before the battery needs attention again.

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by Jon Hershman